Our Key Objective:

To focus on improving patient care.

Using the four key components of the FiCare model as a framework, the multidisciplinary team holds one-to-one sessions with parents with a view towards enabling parents to be integrated into the NICU team.

The Rotunda Foundation provides hamper baskets, vouchers and patient care packages in support of the work undertaken by the Rotunda’s Medical Social Work Team.

A specially designed range of silver, white and navy coloured carrier bags, stationery, pens and cards were introduced to support the work undertaken by the
Rotunda Hospital’s Chaplaincy Services.

A specially designed range of bronze and cream coloured carrier bags, stationery, pens, cards, condolence books and umbrellas were introduced to support the work undertaken by the Rotunda Hospital’s Bereavement Support Services.

The team also use the Angel Birthstones, where appropriate, to support parents through early miscarriages.

Leading from The Journey Initiative, If Bereaved…Continuing Bonds with Suncatchers and Angel Birthstones.

The initiative is offered to support couples who are given a diagnosis of fetal anomaly and the outcome is predicted to be extremely uncertain or a little lifetime.

Parents in this position have to prepare for a different journey and through this initiative, will be encouraged to create treasured and lasting memories.

The initiative is a way of providing some comfort and support to our premature babies in the Rotunda’s NICU taking the form of tiny crochet octopus.

The programme is designed to support and strengthen families of premature babies by celebrating their progress and milestones while in the Rotunda’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), no matter how small.

The initiative offers every bereaved parent, where possible, a very special gift of a framed ceramic print of their baby’s hand and footprints