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Suncatchers & Angel Birthstones


Sadly for some couples their baby may not survive and they adapt to living with memories. Their journey continues on and we introduce the concept of “continuing bonds”. If they have been using the journey initiative and creating memories during the pregnancy they can use the Suncatchers and Birthstone Angels to continue the bond and commemorate their baby appropriately.

The Suncatchers continue the same story with the Nutbrown Hares “Guess how much I love you” They have a lovely moon with the inscription “I love you to the moon and back” and they have a little foot and heart. If parents like the concept of continuing bonds we encourage them to take one home. If they place it in a window, the sun catches it and little rainbows will start to reflect into their room. The concept is to feel the baby is “with them”. This can be of great comfort and is particularly useful when working with siblings in a gentle way.

The colour in the Birthstone Angels represents the Birthstone for each calendar month. This may be used as part of the Journey Initiative or as a stand-alone commemorative piece for some couples who did not engage with the whole journey experience. They can be particularly comforting for parents who believe their baby is an Angel in heaven.

It is important to recognize that the Journey Initiative has been created from feedback from parents who have been through the fetal medicine services. Couples and their families are encouraged to add to it in a personal way as all of their journeys are personal and unique to them.