Philanthropy – The Love of Humankind

The love of humankind

Philanthropy is defined to-day as “the need to promote the welfare of others

Some companies just get it. They understand the need for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and seek out ways to benefit and strengthen the community’s where their customers and employees live and work.

What better place to start than at birth?

Corporate Philanthropy & CSR

Corporate philanthropy and CSR are closely related concepts in that philanthropy is a slice of the bigger CSR pie.  It is seen as an activity that can have a positive impact on the organisations brand image.

It’s important to underline that the pure act of donating is not enough. Big and small successful companies need to truly believe in the causes they are supporting. They must show interest and raise their voices. Moreover, stakeholders are interested to see how donations and grants integrate with their company’s overall business model.

The Rotunda Foundation showcase the direct impact made to the Rotunda, the local community, corporate employees and stakeholders, who can uniquely be shown that 100% of the direct donation has supported the hospital’s ‘Wish List’ of additional vital needs.

Benefits of Philanthropy

A company giving its time or money to charities and non-profits not only helps those they donate to and the community they serve, but also benefits through improved employee engagement.  Research has found that companies who encourage their employees to volunteer, had a higher retention rate because employees who enjoyed their workplaces, were less likely to leave. This directly affects the company’s bottom line because it will spend less on recruiting and hiring new staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

When integrated into a company’s mission and used to guide a company’s actions, CSR can benefit the communities it serves, the company itself and its employees. It not only deals with corporate philanthropy but also other issues that affect the environment, consumers, human rights, sustainability and transparency for the greater good of the world at large.

Companies today need to show CSR through supporting education & training, their local community as well as their employees’ wellbeing. By working together, the Rotunda Foundation helps companies achieve their CSR goals and more.

Building long term partnerships with the Rotunda Foundation creates a sustainable impact on the community.  The Foundation assists their corporate partners to create unique bespoke projects that supports the hospital’s ‘Wish Lists’ of additional vital needs. The Foundation shares these goals and more, by assisting it’s partners in a substantive, transparent and rewarding way, allowing them to publicly show their customers, staff and the community how they are addressing critical healthcare needs, funding research, education and training and many key social issues in the community.

Beyond the feel-good aspect of helping communities, taking responsibility for their social impact helps businesses build trust with their communities, consumers and other corporates. This added trust can help elevate a brand, opening the possibility for increasing market share and increasing profit. Engaging the community can also help generate new ideas and product innovations.